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Terms & Conditions for All Hires


Transportation and set up of props is the responsibility of Illuminography, unless agreed otherwise.

We will do our best to set up the props at your suggested place. However, if we feel this is unsafe for you or the props, we will make a decision to place them at a safer point.

The props should be protected at all times from strong wind, snow and rain.

The props have been tested for their sturdiness, however they are heavy and could cause injury if moved without prior training from us. It is your responsibility to ensure the guests, staff and vendors refrain from moving, pushing and otherwise touching the props as it could cause injury or damage that we cannot be held accounted for and could result in additional charges.

The props should remain in the same place we set up. If a previous agreement was made, for the moving of the letters, please make sure someone is present while we set up, to receive safety instructions.

Please refrain from touching the bulbs, as they can get hot. Any injury sustained from any person touching the bulbs, is not responsibility of Illuminography. Please ensure all guests, especially the younger ones, are aware of this.

We ask that you please refrain from resting any objects on the letters, especially ones that could stain them [eg. Glasses with or without drinks, plates of food or dirty plates etc.]. If any marks are left on the letters, there will be a deposit deduction for the restoration of any damage; the deduction depends on the level of damage.

Any damage or loss of the props or equipment will result in the loss of your deposit and your future rental privileges as well as possible additional charges.

The information for any of the props hired or purchased, such as table plans, welcome signs, place and/or champagne tags, menus, table numbers etc. that require Illuminography to produce design work and/or printing, has to be shared with Illuminography at least 4 weeks prior to your event date. 

If a recommended design or suggestion is not shared by the customer, Illuminography will produce a recommended design, a draft of which will be shared with the customer or their representative, for check and approval. Any draft can be edited up to 3 times (edits on spelling and guest attendance will not be considered as design edits), any further drafts produced after that will be charged at 20€/draft. 

In case any design work is produced but the customer decides to not proceed with its printing by Illuminography, a 40€ fee will apply for the work involved for the production of the design.

The customer is responsible for proof reading, checking and approving the final design work agreed to be created by Illuminography, prior to its printing. If we do not hear back from you within 14 days before your event, we will assume you agree with the design and are happy to proceed with its printing/reproduction. If the design needs to be forwarded to a third party for approval, it does not fall within Illuminography’s responsibility to do so and the person placing the order must do so themselves. No amendments to the existing work will be accepted and if you request a reprint, provided it is possible, the cost of the additional printing work and its delivery will be added to your final balance.

The colours appearing in the digital design may differ to the final product. 

In order to secure your booking, you must return this form completed and signed, as well as make the payment of the agreed deposit. The remaining amount must be paid by the date stated in the agreement. If payment is not received by the agreed date, Illuminography holds the right to cancel the hire and release the date without refunding any amount.

The booking form is valid for 2 weeks from the date of issue, provided this doesn't surpass the final payment and/or event date. If the booking is not secured within that time frame, Illuminography holds the right to release the items and make them available for the use of other customers.

Should you require to postpone the hire, we’ll be happy to look into alternative times and/or dates at no extra cost. If there is no availability of the requested items for the new date, we’ll offer alternative suggestions of similar value. All existing payments will be automatically transferred to the new date and the agreed price will not be affected by any price changes. No refunds will be given in the event of hire postponement.

If you cancel the hire within 30 days prior to your event date, you will be required to pay the full amount of the hire cost, as remuneration for possible lost earnings as a result of reserving our service. If you cancel outside the 30 days prior to your event the deposit is not refundable.

In the event of extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes and/or force majeure, the policies for payments, cancellation and/or postponement remain as outlined above.

If delivery time gets affected by extreme weather conditions, natural disasters, strikes and/or force majeure, we'll do our best to update you as soon as possible but we cannot be held accountable for any delays and no refunds will be given in these circumstances. If we are unable to deliver the agreed items to your event, due to the above circumstances, we'll do our best to notify you as soon as possible and refund 50% of the total paid at the time of notification.

If, for any reason, the props or any of the equipment cannot be collected from the venue (due to eg. robbery, breakage, total destruction, etc.) the customer must cover the full amount for the remaking or buying of the item[s], the cost of which will be given after the assessment of the damage.

Illuminography is not responsible for any interbank charges for sending or receiving your deposit.

**For customers with international bank accounts (ie. Not based in UK or Greece) some banks may charge for receiving funds from international accounts. Please bear in mind that we are not responsible for any charges your bank might make to receive your deposit and/or any possible funds.

***Spare light bulbs will always be left at the venue, usually behind the letters/props. The letters will always be tested after set up to ensure all bulbs are functioning properly. However, due to the nature of bulbs, these can blow during the course of an event. We ask you to please be present at the time of delivery so we can demonstrate how to change a bulb in case any need changing during the course of your event. Otherwise please switch off the lights at the mains and allow the bulbs time to cool down before changing. Our classic letters use Bayonet fittings and need to hold the back of the bulb you wish to change, simply push in and turn to remove. The same applies for fitting a new one. Please bear in mind that no refunds will be given for blown bulbs.

In the unlikely event there are any faults to the hired items in the duration of hire, we ask you to let us know at the time of set up or contact us immediately. If we don’t hear from you at the duration of your hire, we will assume there were no notable defects or other issues and no faults will be recognised afterwards.

Possible additional documentation might be required in some cases. 

The receipt of the required deposit confirms your agreement with the hire and/or purchase of the items for the specific date and location, as well as the terms and conditions of our services, as noted above.

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