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Large illuminating letters and numbers come in white matte finish or rustic wood.

From your initials to an important question, we can help you put together an impressive, personal statement.

Choose between classic golf bulbs or add a little sparkle with the carnival bulbs. If you're feeling romantic, then the floral set is ideal for your big day.

Large Letters
4FT | 125CM TALL

Add a bright touch to your bridal table, wish corner or candy bar with a smaller set. 

Mini Letters

The rustic LOVE is created completely out of reclaimed wood, a great match for a rustic theme. 

Handcrafted with high quality silk flowers and greenery in white, cream and peach tones,

the floral LOVE is that extra touch of romance. Available in the classic white casing or the rustic casing.

Floral or Rustic
 4FT | 125CM TALL

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