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How easy is it to book?

Super easy!




How do I find out more about hiring décor from you?

Complete our enquiry form and we'll provide you with all the information about hiring your décor. If you decide to go ahead, we'll provide you with a booking form and further instructions for securing your hire.

How wide are the large letters?

It depends on the letter. They vary from 30 cm to 125 cm wide. A 4 letter word, such as LOVE, would be just under 3 m. wide in total. 

How are the props powered?

A standard, domestic, 13AMP socket would power 3-4 letters.

Do you do colourful bulbs?

We do indeed! Other than the classic, warm white bulbs we can also do cool white, blue, green, orange, red and yellow.

We also do 2 different types. Classic golf bulbs and cabochon cap bulbs.

Do you deliver to our area?

Our delivery radius spans to 75 miles from Woking in Surrey. However, we still might be able to help you so please contact us. We also have a full set of letters and more décor in Santorini, Greece and deliver to all the local venues!

How do we arrange delivery and collection?

Your venue or planner will usually offer a guideline on your space's availability and public access times. We always contact the person you've appointed for delivery/collection on your form to confirm.

I'm interested in hiring, but I'm not sure what I'd like to go for?

We're happy to give you a variety of ideas and ways our light up decor can be part of your occasion

Do you also set up the letters?

Yes we do! Unless agreed otherwise, we'll come and set up the letters ourselves. If you're not sure where to place them in your venue, our experience allows us to find the perfect spot for them in any space.

Can they be set up outside?

Unfortunately not in UK. Setting up the props outdoors without any cover, could expose them to harsh weather conditions and any damage could cause the loss of your security deposit as well possible additional charges.

How early do I need to book to ensure availability?

We suggest that once we confirm availability on your preferred date and items, you book as soon as possible. Not only you'll be guaranteed the props for your date but you'll also be safe from any possible future price changes 

Do you have insurance?

We have a PLI & Product Insurance of up to £2M. 

Yes and are clearly labeled too! Sometimes venues require PAT test and PLI certificates. We're happy to provide you with an up to date copy of all necessary papers. They are renewed annually so if they expire before the event, please remember to ask for the updated copy close to your event date.

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